should you be getting married soon: 
don't rent when suit supply offers their tuxedos at $469.
"from there, you can focusing on making sure the fit is perfect. once it’s tailored to the perfect proportions, choose a white formal shirt and black bow tie for a look that will never go out of style."

max bill chronoscope by junghans:




slim suit, soft shoulders, narrow sleeves, shorter jacket, and an outstanding construction make suit supply suits killer. plus the price is all too agreeable. i visited two suit supply shops in london, and each had a rather garish looking tailor set up right in the middle of the store to perform basic alterations as you wait. great style, great price, great quality, and emphasis on service and customer experience? c-c-c-combo breaker!

side note: i would also like it to be noted how much i dig the suede double monkstraps with camo lining.


for the cabin:

alden cordovan:

the staple men's dress shoe: simple equation.
leather upper + leather sole - square toes = solid, classic dress shoe

stormproof matches:

storm proof matches: take note wives and girlfriends, this would be the equivalent 
gift to giving a man a bouquet of flowers....

daniel wellington: