the adventure section is totally dedicated to me. here i set out my best laid plans to explore. below you will not find my dreams, but nearly tangible itineraries that i will somehow carve into fruition. from a specific cave, to a general continent; nothing censored by my un-advantageous financial position, but nothing light-hearted either. my adventures:


i'm not sure when i became convinced of going to iceland, but it happened quite a few years ago when i started to become obsessed with crawling around every cool and under-explored part of the globe. iceland is not the typical europe destination, often overshadowed by the lights of paris, or heritage of italy, but it has far too much to offer to be so readily overlooked. the vikings that settled greenland named it green- to attract further settlement. iceland was named ice- to do just the opposite and so it has done to this day. well played ingólfur amarson - if that was your idea anyways....

first is the svínafellsjökull cave, in a glacier down the slopes of öræfajökull. the öræfajökull glacier is so old and so heavily compressed, that the air has literally been pushed from the ice, creating a deep blue color that is visible only from underneath the ice. the caves are dangerous

next, is the seljalandsfoss waterfall on the southeast coast of iceland. once the coastal line of iceland, this waterfall free falls over 200 feet over green cliffs that crop inward and allow hikers to explore the waterfall from all sides. perfect for rappelling

this is just some random icelandic fjord that some rad photographer took a quick picture of during a lull in a terrible blizzard. he said it took him two days of camping in that blizzard to take this picture.

here's where i'd venture to stay, given the chance, either the blue lagoon hotel above, or ellidaey island below. the blue lagoon hotel is built on the blue lagoon, a giant geyser heated lake - not geyser heated pool, geyser heated lake - that's good for your skin or something. ellidaey island is, well, cool. 

finally, there's gulfoss. this is just a simply ridiculous waterfall that i want to get a bottle of water from or something.

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