this is an opinion-based site about the outdoors, and dressing smart. two very different subjects, but maybe here we can find some agreeable common ground.

the outdoors:

nothing beats outside. no flat screen television, no feat of architecture, no historic building, no soft carpet, rooms, house, nor any roof that's been raised by man ever compares to the outdoors. i'll always choose the mountains - the smell of crushed pine; the solitude among rocks; the cold of rivers; or the quiet in snowfall. i'll always choose the sea - the force of water; the gravity of a coming storm; the feel of your own carefully crafted tiller splintering in your hands; cold water over the bow, sails arching their backs as the dinghy heaves towards the rocks in the shallows. but as you dip your hands into the old furious lake to take the rudder in your hands, it all becomes maddening, and enlivening.

i feel better when i'm outside - connected maybe... or more disconnected. either way.

"It's a wonderful feeling to push even a tiny piece of the planet down beneath one's feet." 
-- adrian burgess
dressing smart:

at the other end of the spectrum of overly embellished masculinity is a dark suit, clean lines, and precise proportions. equally manly, just different.

not too long ago, my near and dear utah got slammed by a couple of GQ editors for a good number of heinous crimes against better dressing. coming in at 15th worst for style was my sweet home town, provo, and at a rock solid 8th worst was old salt lake city. we utahns topped the charts for our 'billowing short sleeved shirts, monster width ties' and for keeping 'socks-with-sandals country' a hometown favorite.

sad. but true. very true in fact.

utah's got some great stuff: i went sailing in a deep blue reservoir in the mountains, i've been rappelling over 300 foot waterfalls, and canyoneering through some of the worlds best slot canyons right here in utah. there's no lack for adventures, but the honest truth is that here in utah, we dress guilty as charged.

mostly, we are victims of circumstance, ignorance, or apathy. circumstance because we're poor here, probably about 95% students. ignorance because bad style is kind of viral - most dress like they did as lds missionaries, some follow that lead, some listen to their parents, some are just into weird things, and then there's always hipsters.... it's a poorly dressed culture. finally there's those who don't care - 10 jeans for $10 at the gap? that's like 8 years of jeans right? i'll take the extra baggy ones. with pleats.

i spent a few months living in france, and while i didn't learn the ends of french sartorialism, i learned a bit about my own. i learned that there's something satisfying about a shirt that fits right, leather-bottomed shoes, and walking home from the store with a baguette and cheese under-arm. im not a professional fashion/life-style blogger - i really don't always agree with them anyways - but i think we can dress a little better. so here's where you get a few of my not-completely-informed thoughts on the matter. sort of a conservative approach to stylish, yet manly dressing.

so there you have it. the outdoors, and how to dress like a man.

ed & nate

about ed & nate: 

ed (left) is married to erika, loves her, and she makes him infinitely better. nate (right) also loves his wife, lacey, and they have a handsome son.

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