keep it classy:

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to start this off right, a definition of good style: an extension or unique expression of ones best self

for an example, think pride and prejudice and pride and prejudice and zombies: same characters, same general plot, and even the same writing style. but for a little style, and to make a painful book a little better, the one on the right tossed in zombies. a man's best style is simply himself, dressed a little better, and dressed correctly. original + extension/expression = mens style.

that said, rules:

i dont think that mens' style exists on its own like some weird ubiquitous trend that we all try to follow. its an extension or expression of self, meaning it changes by person. a man's style should be based on his self, not someone else's because they look neat. in essence, find your own 'neat'

'best' is also an operative word. the activity or situation is generally irrelevant, just be classy about it. for a formal setting, think 'dressed for prom' vs. 'dressed as james bond'. for casual settings, dress easy and comfortable, but not sloppy.

more specifics to come soon.

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