mostly, i'm a sailor. the sea makes me completely happy, and my entire wish is to finish my days out on the puget sound in a shoddy dinghy built with my own hands. my largest influence for style comes from my sailing. that's why you'll rarely see me without a pair of sperry's on, and you'll rarely see my sperry's in any kind of presentable condition. they're always broken in beyond recognition, worn perfectly into every bend of my feet - not like those sperry's you see some guys wear with a suit.

next is a wooly bearded, plaid-clad mountain man. there is - i checked - exactly one color of plaid shirt that i do not have. i don't wear sweats and a hoodie. when i dress down, i wear an old checked plaid and jeans. when i dress up, that shirt finds a suit and tie. im an avid canyoneer, and find deep solace in trusting my life to a 9.4mm rope and the mountains.

i feel every man should own at least one suit that is expertly his. i lived in france it seemed like every train station was loaded with two types of men: the first were bums (i proudly among them); and the second were men in precisely trim suits - smelling of leather messenger bags, cigarettes, and french cologne. a suit is manly.

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