next up, socks:

i've talked about socks before, but it's next up after shoes. as stated, socks should match your personality, and they're great for giving a little more life to a dark suit. never match your socks to your shoes though, it looks like you're wearing bootees (unless of course its a black suit with black shoes). if you're not feeling up to the punchier socks, then match your socks to the trouser like a sir.

paul smith socks

 this pair matches the shirt, but not exactly - that's the key. don't make it look like your socks connect to your shirt.

and for our price sensitive bunch, try sock it to me: about $9 for a classy pair, i especially dig the grey ones with lightning bolts.

up next. the pantaloon 

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  1. Mr. Nelson. Incredible blog. fascinating really. Perhaps you can do a blog on underwear next....don't know if that can really fit into the whole Utah thing though....aren't most of the underwear up there only white?....

    1. ha, well personally i'm a fan of the classic white - guilty as charged - so im not the best resource, but maybe these articles will help. i have read these three from gq and one from mrporter that seem to do good justice. one thing for sure is to definitely wear underwear, and to change out the unmentionables drawer often. that favorite lucky 4-year-old pair of underwear needs to be be retired.


      mrporter (about halfway down the page):

    2. That is funny stuff. I think you should match the sox and underwear.