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here's two questions i've gotten:

how many buttons are best for suit jackets?

my favorite quote on this is, "90% of us guys should be wearing two-buttoned suits 100% of the time."

i agree and personally don't feel sartorial enough to rock a one- or three-button suit. if you are set on a three button, consider the option pictured below, a three-button roll-over lapel that's buttoned at the middle. the suit still has the deep cut of the two button, which looks the best.  although, when i was 17 i did rock a four-button and refuse to feel anything but pride for it.

what are some cheaper, but still worthwhile brands for buying a suit?

a lot of the answer to this has to do with how much patience you have. i found a $600 suit that fit expertly and needed minimal tailoring at banana republic. soon after, it went on sale, but i still didn't feel like spending the money. i signed up for their impressively annoying email deal and a few weeks later got a notice that everything on sale was, well, more on sale. i ended up picking up the suit for $150, which i felt was more than worth it.... once i got rid of the daily emails at least.

for not too expensive suits that you don't have to wait for a price reduction, i still feel that the j. crew ludlow suit is king. i can't tell you how much i love mine, and all i did for alterations was narrow the pant legs. it's not just me either; the ludlow suit is so popular that j. crew decided to open up a store in new york based solely on the ludlow suit line. the people have spoken.

otherwise, try these:
topman - great constantly updated styles
asos - free shipping and free returns, just in case it doesn't fit right
h&m - always trim
uniqlo - making great headway here in the u.s. finally

any other questions comments or concerns, feel free to comment.

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