club collar:

the eton or club collar:
i keep seeing guys sporting club collared shirts in pictures and have no clue where to find a really good one. a club collar is just a collar whose points are rounded off. its a small feature that normally goes unnoticed, but with a trimmer tailored shirt, the club collar is a nice detail nodding back to its mid-1800's collegiate roots.

also called an eton, the club collar got its start when england's eton college wanted to update their uniforms. the new collar caught on quick, and after nearly going extinct a few times, it seems to have a steady footing recently in men's style. i think it all looks sporty with a tie and collar bar.

to pull it off: think collegiate or madmen style. its origins are in english college style and the greatest popularity after that was in the united states around the fifties - it looks great with a thick wool suit and collar bar, or under herringbone sports jacket. and if you find a good place to get a hold of one, please let me know.

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  1. Remember how I bought you one?!

  2. It’s important to know the best type of collar to get because each type will make your face and upper body look a bit different.