contemporary suiting:

the gq guides to suits:
i just read this article, and this little excerpt explains contemporary suit-wearing perfectly. i have nothing to add to this explanation of what makes a killer, modern-looking suit. from the gq guide to suits:

"check out christoph waltz here and you'll see more than just a sharp-dressed man—you'll see a completely contemporary man. what's the secret? the trimness of the suit? sure. the elegance of the details? totally. but look a little closer and you'll notice what's not here: no aggressive plaids, no I'm-the-man pinstripes, no four-button jacket. instead, the message is smart, confident, thoroughly put together. he makes a statement by not making one—or at least looking as if he's not trying so hard to make one. like the best in modern design, his suit is simple and streamlined, perfectly crafted. that's the look you want."
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