the navy blazer:

I ascribe to the belief that a sports jacket or blazer is probably the most important staple in men's style, especially as a guy evolves from college student to young professional. i had an important interview for a job last week where they specifically asked the applicants to not wear suits. i wanted to look semi-casual, but sharp, so i rocked a blazer and it worked well. sports coats and blazers seem to have a manliness about them that empowers the wearer - they make any guy look sharp, especially if the jacket fits right

technically, a blazer is different than a sports jacket. blazers originate from the navy jackets worn as school uniforms and still take a lot of their styling from the collegiate world. most authentic blazers will have patch-pockets and silver or gold buttons, but the rules have become less clear lately. either way, below are two examples of how to own your own navy blazer.

every guy needs a rock-solid navy blazer. in my opinion, they are more versatile than sports jackets and look good on all guys, no matter his shape or frame. above is an example of how to wear the jacket more formally. do keep to the same rules as your suit jackets (see here), and do rock a pocket square and tie. if your jacket has brass buttons, keep your accessories more simple so that things don't get out of control. the pants should not match the jacket exactly - you don't need to run out and grab some pink pants, tan or gray chinos look great, as well as jeans.

informally, open up the collar or sport a t-shirt underneath with jeans. just remember that the coat needs to be trim and expertly fitted, so baggy extra-long pants won't look good. make sure the pants fit like your suit pants, narrow, tapered, and not too long. enjoy the blazer, it matches basically everything, and always makes the guy look better.

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