a classy guy i know by the name of james has created this tumblr called photosymphosis. the idea is mostly simple - a song and a picture. the music comes from all sorts of nearly undefinable genres that have then mostly been remixed to mesh seamlessly with each other. the songs come hand-picked with some form of a visual representation of james' take on the song.

photosymphosis is a music blog by a musician, i think that's why i'm a fan. i'm noticing that there's lots of great music around here, or at least lots of people who know great music - and know how to play it. i suppose this is my small plug for the provo music scene.

some of my favorites from

bibio - lover's carvings
mia - paper planes (beautiful small machines)
bon iver - skinny love (das kapital rerub)
lips - everything to me (adventure club dubstep remix)

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