sports jacket:

sports jackets:
different from the blazer which has its roots in uniforms and sailing, the sports jacket has much more function in its origins. the sports jacket - originally in fabrics like tweeds and thicker wools - was more unstructured than the blazer and was often used by animal caretakers, hunting, and for work in the country. the jackets often had a small second pocket called a ticket pocket, and utilized elbow patches to reinforce the coat. now, a sports jacket is the perfect stand in for keeping warm when its chill or the sun's gone down, but still looking a little classy.

the rules for a suit coat apply to sports jackets (see here): pay special attention to find a shorter cut jacket, higher arm holes, and slimmer sleeves.

elbow patches were originally purely function. they still function to reinforce the jacket, but also look good.

i'm always a fan of a lighter colored tweed or herringbone jacket, as long as the cut is trim and the coat really hugs your shoulders well. fit is still critical, even if the coat is a thicker material. americans tend to wear their clothing one to two sizes too big; we utahns sometimes push three sizes too big in jackets. gq once suggested that to find the right jacket size, keep trying on smaller and smaller jackets - once you reach the point where you cannot button the jacket, move up one, maybe two sizes and you should be dead on.

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