je veux:

a few things i would like:

ray-ban clubmasters. 
these shades combine just the perfect amount of pilot, vintage, and collegiate style. i bought a pair of clubmaster frames for my regular prescription glasses about 3 years ago before i saw all the hipsters scooping them up - i thought my grandpa would get a good kick out it because he owned some clubmasters for years when he was a business school professor. when i did buy them, the salesman called his ray-ban rep all excited because he'd won a bet; apparently they hadn't moved a single pair of those frames until i had walked in and gotten nostalgic. now, i keep considering swapping out the prescription lenses for some dark shades like the ones above.

woven belt. 
just like the very affordable one above from target, except maybe with a brass buckle. i think that woven leather belts have a classy look to them, especially the simpler braided belts with a deeper brown color. great with jeans, shorts, or suits.

green knit tie. 
specifically this green because it's just green - not light green, not dark green, not blueish green - just green. also the green knit tie looks killer with something simple like a striped blue shirt and navy suit. the only thing to avoid with a knitted tie is a thicker width or poor quality.

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