paul stuart:

paul stuart shoes:
i think this brand has basically figured out exactly how men's shoes should be. their mantra: "our goal has never been to be the biggest, only the best."

whether or not they are in fact the best isn't entirely relevant, but what is important is to look very carefully at each and every shoe shown below. they represent the perfect proportions of men's shoes. the brown monk strap shoe front-and-center is the maximum amount of pointiness that a man's shoe can handle before it enters into wicked witch of the west territory. the cap-toe oxford at front right is how squared off a guy's shoe should ever be - very thin, very streamlined, and not really even square. also, every shoe below is a high quality leather with solid leather soles. if you don't have the 500 dollars in spare change lying around to spend on one of these pair, then use the shoes pictured below as a pretty solid guide to how your next pair should look.

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