je veux:

blue canvas vans. 
the leather tongue, maroon laces, and brass eyelets contrast against the navy blue canvas. kind of old school, kind of new school - but it all works very well when put together. i like the juxtaposition.

red chambray shirt. 
i guess in all honesty, there isn't a chambray work shirt that i've come across that i haven't wanted. something about plaids, denims, and chambrays get me every time - probably because plaid, denim, and chambray shirts were born out of necessity and function.

rolex milgauss. 
clean lines, rock solid durability, and rolex's reputation for outstanding performance hightlight the basic make-up of this watch. but the lightning bolt second hand, minimalist look, and black pvd nato strap are what keep me constantly looking up this watch.  

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