somehow the british have perfected the equation for men's style: an effortless mixture of class, masculinity, function, and some dandy. below are a few ideas that i feel the london blokes do especially well - i'm no expert on english style, but here's a few things i'd like to take away from these fine people when i leave.

the brits have a keen sense of how to stand out. with a few exceptions, they almost always avoid ostentatious patterns and colors for their suit fabrics. patterns are muted, and suit colors are dark. where they stand out is in high quality, perfect tailoring, and modern fits.

extremely high-quality leather dress shoes. very english. 

generally, the bag should match the shoes, belt, leather watch band, etc. generally.

dark suit, dark tie, crisp white shirt, $700 dark brown leather brogues, and bright cobalt blue socks. do the socks seam out of place? that's what a british dandy means. not flashy, overly exerted, or attention seeking, just a slice of character in an otherwise very traditional and smart outfit.

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