je veux:

je veux:
in the spirit of christmas, i wanted to highlight a few things i would ask for were my wife to be much richer. i've also included a few items that a not very expensive at all.

as mentioned before, men tend to be simple, unidirectional creatures. when we settle in on something we like, we will like it for a very long time. this is why a man can get away with the same hair style for the better half of a decade, and why men have knives, watches, or other trinkets that are handed down from their fathers or even grandfathers. this is also why the best gift to give a guy is probably already in his closet, just in need of an update.

grandaddy's pocket knife by roark.

speaking of rock-solid, heirloom quality man gifts, nothing beats this knife. true - there are better knifes with cutting edge steel or laser sharpened ceramic blades. there are knives that easily attach to climbing harnesses, and have assisted opening blades that snap open and lock into place with military precision. but this is a classic knife meant to slip into your pocket at all times. the roark knife is made from brass and rosewood for a timeless look - perfect for whittling, opening boxes, or the occasional bear fight. 

simple, classic kicks.

i feel like sneaker design for guys peaked a few decades ago. things have gotten too complex, and too many guys are wearing marathon-grade running shoes with every outfit because they don't feel comfortable enough to rock a pair of brogues to work. luckily, a few brands like new balance, puma, and nike are dusting off the old classic looks and infusing the design with their best shoe-making tech. the result: a simple, comfortable shoe with clean lines that goes great with jeans, tweed sports jackets, or even the right suit. they look even cooler the more you wear them, and tend to last forever.

the minimalist's manly wallet.
i hate wallets. and i especially hate those massive tri-fold, overstuffed, 26 card holding, 4 interior pockets, mound-like wallets that some guys own. research has actually shown that those wallets can cause back, shoulder, and neck problems. gents, there is no need to carry every receipt, every gift card, or especially those punch cards where after your 10th hot dog at the gas station you get a free dish of nachos. only women are allowed to carry a leather pouch full of useful stuff - they call it a purse. simplify. minimize. whipping post's picker's wallet is perfect for the trick: 3 cards, some cash, and a guitar pick for woo-ing the ladies. 

bonus stocking stuffer: a can of picks.

because the washing machine slowly eats all of your picks, and this has to be the coolest way to replenish the stock.

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