camo is inherently manly - literally designed to make man one with nature. but much like floral prints which technically can also help you blend into your natural surroundings, it's best done artfully, and with great moderation.

here's my take on the pattern, unless you've nailed the whole nick wooster trend, stick to accessories - a well placed watch strap, socks, or a cardholder - they're a more subtle nod to camouflage without looking to serious. i could never rock a camo blazer, but the subtle take on the tie below from the-tie-bar/nordstroms looks great; it's different, yet not too loud. 

the idea is still keep all those well dressed mannerisms (tailored suits, narrow ties, simple accessories and patterns, leather bottomed shoes, etc.) but also to adapt an attitude of 'yeah, i still pretty much dig tanks.'

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