how to wear socks:

how to wear socks without looking like you're just simply wearing ridiculous socks:

some of us guys may want to do the whole crazy sock thing, but when attempted, something's just off.

simple easy rules - there are none. to really put it all together, however, there are some good practices. stick to simple, bold patterns (stripes, solids, and the occasional polka dot), and pay a little heed to the following...

i'd wager that the biggest contributor to a well-worn outspoken sock is actually the shoe. spend money on your shoes - women have closets, baskets, drawers, space by the front door, under the couch, and an ample cornered-off area of their rooms all dedicated to housing their ever-multiplying shoe collection. that's not how it works as a guy. instead, spend a lot of money on just one or two pairs that are literally the type of quality that should outlast you. literally, if cared for, outlast you.

next, to do justice to a punchier sock, notice that the pant leg is slim, and sits a bit high. baggy/long pants swallow the look. the high and narrower pant leg accents the socks, brings attention to those expensive kicks, and adds a bit of confidence to the whole look. try it out, you'll get all types of people coming up and telling you you look (a) ridiculous, or (b) ridiculously cool, where'd you get those socks? note: (a) is probably your dad, until he finally gives in and gets a few pairs of his own thanks to yours truly. true story.

finally, remember that there aren't any rules, so don't go making any up, like matching your socks to your tie which is matched to your pocket square. that looks like you bought them all as a pack to impress your prom date. just keep everything off kilter and avoid drawing the wrong attention by doing the whole matchy matchy thing with your socks.

simple go-to combo to rock a bolder sock: slick navy suit, gray tie, white shirt, leather briefcase, blue & white striped socks with dark brown monk-straps. unstoppable.

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