eighties sports cars:

the ferrari from ferris bueller's day off sold for $122,000 in 2010, and for good reason. there were only a few hundred authentic ferrari 250 gt's made between 1958 and 1963. beautiful cars deserve their beautiful  price tags, and few cars keep their value like the italian leather-wrapped convertibles and american muscle cars from the 60's.

i have a different love.

i was born in 1987. i love the eighties, and for some incurrable reason, i beleive that the best sports cars came from the same decade as i did. here's why: hot. wheels.

 lamborghini coutach

ferrari f40

porsche 911 


  1. False. Nothing good comes out of the 80's. Hahaha

  2. You need to check out my uncles Ferrari. It's so sick and won the ferrari classic's in the colorado show!