i happen to believe in a zombie apocolypse. i've gathered a list of zombie essentials....

1. as given to me by my wife - the zombie survival guide, by max brooks

2. the grovel - for all your zombie defense preparation. and disposal.

3. gerber apocalypse kit - an axe, a couple of machetes, several small knives (including one that is specifically designed to be capable of being lashed to a stick as a spearhead). all stealth and packed in a durable canvas case.... for when the bullets run out.

4. trusted camaraderie. for whatever.

5. just because. the mossberg just-in-case shotgun; waterproof lightweight case with a survival kit, short-barreled shot gun, and room for extra ammo. just in case.

note: a carbine is better than a shotgun, the carbine is lighter, holds more rounds, and is more accurate. the ammo for a carbine is also easily found and weighs less in case on-the-run situations. however, a shotgun is and always will be the ultimate man vs. zombie weapon, hence its inclusion in my list.

good luck....

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