casual shoes:

i've received an email regarding casual shoes, and casual shirts. i'll talk about casual shoes first.

laid out in a way that i can wrap my head around, i generally see casual shoes in four different categories:
1. sneakers
2. boots
3. athletic shoes
4. boat shoes

do own a few pairs and do rock them. high tops, low tops, pimsolls, and american classics are all great choices. i own some classier sneakers that i can sport with a suit - be i so daring - and also a beat-to-death pair that are cherished. whatever you're style, just keep the shoe casual looking; don't wear weirdly thick-soled orthopedic shoes unless you have a doctor's note on your person at all times; don't wear puffy skater shoes; and finally don't wear athletic shoes when you should be wear sneakers. rule of thumb: if you're not in a gym, on a court, or exercising, do not wear athletic shoes.

i think it's great that boots made a huge come-back not too long ago. i have a pair of white-soled timberland earth keepers that i waxed with some quoddy's bear fat to water proof the suckers. come rain or snow, i'm a happy camper. a classy camper too, because a solid pair of leather boots are functional and stylish. buy high quality simple looking boots, whether they be ones from an army-navy surplus store or from a department store, make sure they'll last. and make sure they don't have any unneeded details like buckles or straps.

clockwise from top: red wing shoe co., $240, timberland, $185, mark mcnairy new amsterdam, $450, eastland, $225

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athletic shoes:
completely your own call, but only wear them when you're exercising. seriously.

boat shoes:
i consider boat shoes their own category because boat shoes are what i wear most. deck shoes are the perfect combination of classy, classic, and man. paul sperry originally designed them after his dog's footprints in the sand, noting how sure footed his dog was when sailing. when my dad saw me wearing them a few years ago he said that he rocked sperry's at my age too, and that they were pretty popular then as well. i rocked my first pair at the tender age of 4 - they don't ever go out of style. so grab a pair, and go sailing to break them in, they're built to take a beating.

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