literally, haberdashery is an old word referring to useful wares sold by a haberdasher like buttons, threads, and the like. it's also referent to the small details and accessories that add classic character to men's style. haberdashery is the subtle accents a man wears that add intrest, but don't detract from the overall look,

like swapping in colored waxed cotton dress laces into your desert boots....

....or putting boot laces into your sneakers

sometimes details don't have to be added, but created. like slightly worn in boots, or the way beat-to-death jeans take on their own character and add a little bit of 'you' into what you're wearing.

mostly, haberdashery reflects an element on clothing that was once important to the piece, but now is more of a detail, like the double button fastening notch on a work shirt (below), or functioning buttons on a suit jacket sleeve.

i'm wearing this exact nato watch strap right now, it's a great way to add a little bit of color as the weather warms up. nothing too showy, but still just noticeable enough.

selvedge denim is a detail in itself. when the pant leg is upturned a bit, you can see the edging that's created from the way the denim is woven. classic feature, quality article. haberdashery.

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