spring style:

men's spring style:
i like how it was put on the sartorialist when scott schuman quoted one of his friends talking about spring. she said that she loved spring because you can wear everything in your wardrobe at the same time. that's the idea behind spring, a good mix.

combine elements of winter and summer. in springtime, you can still sport jackets and heavier fabrics like tweed, but offset them with lighter pants, or bright accessories. as an example, i like the cobalt blue jacket below, and the denim shirt with a light-weight tweed. none of these looks are exactly winter or summer.

heavier boots and white jeans, a brighter colored plaid under a dark cardigan.

the top half is darker colored, and patterned. the bottom half is short yellow shorts. i like the juxtaposition. i'd just stay away from too many bright colors at the same time, they compete.

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