on the cheap, style for about $25:

dress smart for even less:
as a freshman in college, i had a massive box of easy mac, and a case of ravioli. i didn't even like the ravioli, but i was too cheap to buy a can opener, and at the time ravioli was the only canned good that sported the pop-top. some of us are cheap or low on cash, but thats still not a great excuse to dress like a bum. instead, dress like a well-styled bum.

for this segment, i tried to find things in and under the $25 range. you're not getting anything timeless or of expert craftsmanship, but you are getting a seriously great look that doesn't need professional dry-cleaning or a salary-paying job to keep in your wardrobe.

every guy needs deck shoes, instead of shelling out $80, try a pair like these from h&m for $20. i've also seen some from topman, asos, and urban outfitters that are just as cheap.

d-ring webbing belt from asos, $14

izod shirt at jc penny, $20, and tie from topman, $20

white jeans from h&m, $20, great slim fit too

 sneakers from urban outfitters, $24

 hoodie from forever 21, $24
 chambray work shirt at h&m, $24

shirt from h&m, $20

v-necks from armani exchange, $25

wooly tie from gap, $24
shorts from h&m, $20

my favorite find, 100% leather wingtip brogues from topman, $7, not even kidding

camp socks at urban outfitters, $12

v-neck from h&m, $18

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