on the cheap, style for about $50:

dress smart for less: the main response i get from guys in this area is that as men want to dress sharp, but aren't ready to shell out quite as much money. so i'm gonna talk about a few ways and places to style right on the cheap. i found most of these pieces from an article by gq. i picked my favorites, dropped the ones i wasn't as keen on, and added some of my own.

watches are not optional anymore, they complete whatever you're wearing. i love this watch from urban outfitters because it doesn't even have a brand, just a classic field watch, $39

or below, an all black watch from nixon for $59

with summer around the corner, guy's gotta have shades. i own some tortoise shell rayban wayfarers, and then i also own five other fake wayfarers for around $1 - $15 that i can toss on for a day sail and not worry about losing the real things. if you want something different than the wayfayer trend, try these steve mcqueen-esque pairs from topman, $32

mcqueen himself in his classic perisols

i recently rediscovered target browsing around the men's section while my wife was getting something she needed. this store will show up more and more on the affordable style posts because they had some great. it just takes a bit more looking, but they've got some seriously great stuff. nothing beats a military field jacket, and this one from converse is good for the weekend bonfire. excellent fit and comes in at $40

slim suit, slim lapels, slimmed out tie, and a big old fat collar don't work. try a dress shirt like this one from uniqlo + j for $50, its got a slimmer collar that still covers the tie, but keeps things in proportion.

also great is h&m for their well cut dress shirts that fit immaculately, $40

finally, cardigans. wear 'em fit like this one - really fit with high arm holes - not the over-sized mr. rogers versions. try rolling the cuff or something to make it look a little less serious, and don't spend tons on something that looks the same as what you can find for $39 at urban outfitters

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