ties (part one):

i unrelentingly believe that a tie is - within men's style - among the most important pieces of real estate a man owns. for some reason a tie is distinctly manly, originating as a war uniform piece from the 17th century. at the same time, the tie is your territory, keep within the rules, but use it to express yourself. my personal favorite is the thick wooly tie. on a dark trim suit, it adds a subtle detail that errs on the casual side. yet, paired with chinos and a button down shirt, the knotty wool tie dresses things up.

this is my ideal tie: thick, plaid, and made of wool

lots of the most sartorially inclined men break rules, but until you've really gotten the basics down, stick to what works.

basics: wear a narrow tie. broad ties aren't in right now, and narrower ties are here to stay for a good while yet. invest in a narrower tie, say near 7cm (2-7/8 inches is perfect, but between 2-1/2 and 3 inches works great). this is about proportions. the rule is that the widest point of your tie should correspond with the widest point of your suit lapels (see below for the perfect example). good proportions bring everything together on a subconscious level, gives the outfit a 'put together feel'. so don't get any ridiculously thin 2cm ties that some of the hipsters are rockin these days. keep it classy, keep it proportional.

perfect proportions: the widest point of the tie is the same width as the widest point of the lapel.

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  1. where in the world can I buy that Grey and white tie?

    1. it's from j. crew - although they don't sell that exact one still, they do sell this one in the "navy" color which is actually more of a grey - since this is a cotton/linen blend, it's basically the same tie as the one pictured above. also note that j. crew recycles their tie designs, so check their website in a month or two and it will most likely return