ties (part two):

from left to right: mcnairy, david-hart-co., club-monaco, alexander-olch, and nautica

more on the basics of ties: 
the fabric you choose for your ties is up to you, just don't stick to only one type. you can find ties made from wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, blends, knits, and everything in-between. go nuts, but just know that generally, the further you get from silk, the less formal the tie looks. have a few ties from both ends of the spectrum and play with different combinations. for some great ties and vintage fabrics, check out general knot & co. perfect width, hand crafted ties with vintage textiles.

general knot & co.

generally speaking, for winter and fall, thicker wool ties in neutral colors are great. around spring time - like now - go for something bolder like the plaid ties at the top of the post. cotton is more for summer time, and silk is great whenever. these are just loose guidelines though, i'll never put away my old woollies come spring.

lastly, start mixing it up. its a terrible waste to only wear a tie with a sharp dress shirt. try out chambray shirts, cardigans, conflicting patterns, even leather jackets - or my favorite from below, ties with down mountaineering jackets like the one from gant on the right.

for great ties under 20 bones, try the tie bar. most of their ties can be bought in a 2-1/2 to 3 inch width. pair it with one of their 1 inch tie bars and you're set. these ties are seriously great looking and have made their way to the cover of gq more than once. no more monster width ties utah.... you've been warned.

jay-z, net worth: nearly $450 million. tie value: $15 from the tie bar

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