utah men's style:

i think it's great when a guy dresses well. the sentiment that dressing well is effeminate is completely juvenile. a real man knows himself, and dresses accordingly - that is manly - he is confident, and self-aware. here in utah, men's style isn't exactly essential, and it shouldn't be a focus or else you'll probably stand out too much in a bad way. at the same time, it should be on your mind - simple, functional, and sharp.

by far the majority of guys i've seen today aren't dressed terribly, but as my wife put it, "they don't take the time to wear clothes that fit them." that's not just a reference to the tailoring of the clothes, but the way they fit the guy wearing them. it's more a crime of omission, where guys don't care, don't want to look weird, or just don't know how to dress right - and so they don't. on the other end of extremes, i just read an online post by this guy about how a rabbit fur scarf can really tie a man's outfit together. one extreme is an attitude of not caring, or the feeling that men's style is not even a manly endeavor. the other extreme is the guys that, well, wear rabbit fur scarves and have a good collection of ascots.

wear clothes that fit you, but that are not overdone

a man's anchor pieces:
dress nice, and dress right. but also try to make sure you are wearing at least one thing that's characteristically you, and not necessarily stylish. this should be unique, but not cheap or low quality, and most likely manly. think a timeless piece, like an old well-worn pair of levis that fit well, or some sturdy boots that don't really ever change in style. my favorite is my dad's old seiko world traveler watch that he used through his entire business career, or my marmot wind/water-proof jacket - functional more than stylish, but still looks good.

my dad's seiko, i just found a nato strap for it.

i took this jacket - the marmot supergravity - into the rocky mountains at night, in 40 mph wind, in a blizzard. my face got cold, but other than that i didn't feel a thing.

old denim has character to it. if the pair is high quality, and doesn't fit like old man jeans, they work great as a way of adding character to your style without looking like you're worried too much about fashion.

i inherited an old pir of desert boots from my uncle, and they are the epitome of lasting and unchangeable style. apparently, he wore the pair i have in the 70's when he was getting his p.h.d. 
to this day he still rocks a pair of clarks.

rocky mountain style:
the rocky mountains are rich with culture and an inherent style. a lot of style comes from articles of clothing born out of necessity, like work shirts or blue jeans. in utah, solid boots, warm plaid shirts, and invincible coats are essential; incorporate them into your style to make it look like you're dressed nice without trying too hard.

i think that's the key to dressing nice here- utilize the necessities and dress simple, but dress well. when you dress nice, look for ways to incorporate anchor pieces that are already quality things you invest in, they will make it so that when you try to look stylish you won't look like you're trying too hard.

helly hansen jackets (above and below): extremely functional for inclement weather, and great utah style.

above is a simple look, nothing over the top, but still classic and well fit.

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