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a guy doesn't have as many things to play with as he grows up, so i'm very appreciative of merchants that are aware of the fact that men still need toys, they like a good drink, and they want some type of project to work on. here's a few of my latest of each. i found all three at a site called kaufmann-mercantile, which is an interesting little store that pools together a new foray of unique items each week that adhere to it's mantra:

"everyday objects should be designed well and manufactured to last a long time. materials should be chosen for functionality and durability. most of our products are handmade, and we never sell cheaply made, mass produced versions. a well-made object can be passed down, and shouldn't have to be replaced...."

toy: everyday carry pry

this little crowbar is meant for your key chain and being made from d-9 industrial grade hardened steel, it can handle a good beating. the tough design and sharpened edge make it so that the everyday carry pry can crack, gouge, pry, cut, or just generally distract you with something to do when needed.

drink: morris kitchen ginger syrup

a little while ago, i started making my own ginger ale with my cousin, nate. our first time, we over boiled the ginger root resulting in an extra dry and vengefully sharp ginger ale soda. that drink was incredible, and we were hooked. it felt like a classy man's soda and we've been hashing out newer, dryer, and sharper versions of it ever since. the idea on kaufmann-mercantile's site to mix this syrup with a little lemon has intrigued me enough to give it a try.

project: otter wax heavy duty fabric wax

when wintertime was setting in, i used some quoddy leather wax (whose primary ingredient is bear fat) to water-proof my boots and it worked great for me all winter long. now it's spring, and i have some canvas shoes and a messenger bag that i'd like to use. apparently this portland-based company makes some of the gutsiest weather-defying fabric wax there is. plus waxed canvas always looks pretty cool, and it makes an excellent project for me to busy myself with.

so there you have it, check out kaufmann-mercantile for more completely unnecessary things to want. shipping's free over $25, and if you sign up for their email list, you get a $7 gift certificate.

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