the groom, 2:

second, the outdoor summer wedding. 
if you're going to be standing outside in the middle of july, and still want to look sharp after shaking hands for 3 hours, ditch the 3-season wool suit. cottons, khakis, and linens are the way to go. looking james bond-esque while sporting a lighter-colored cotton suit isn't easy, but certainly doable. stay away from accessories, wear nice leather-bottomed shoes, and part your hair. the two looks below spell it out great.

notice how the style in the pictures both above and below consist of literally two, maybe three, colors at most.  keeping the clothing and accessories simple help to keep the look sharp, and mature. also note that the shoes above are nice leather brogues, not fake shiny-plastic tux rental shoes. to pull off the summer wedding look, keep your suits light-weight and breathable, colors at a minimun, and accessories high quality and simple.

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