the groom, 1:

to start with: once again, don't rent a tux. that being restated, here's a few great groom options that depending on your own style and the style of the wedding, you should consider. in utah, weddings have their own culture, unique to this area. you can wear what you want, but remember this is a wedding, so whether you want to stand out or just look sharp, do it in the right way.

note: for anyone worried about the groomsman, consider this statement by josh thoreson, style editor at park & bond. when asked about the groomsman of his own wedding he explained: "I'm not compelling my guys to wear anything specific. I've just asked them to keep their attire in the same color as mine, and their groomsmen's gift will tie it all together. I think many modern wedding parties follow this kind of program, at least on the men's side." point being: if you like the idea of dressing better for your wedding, but are worried that it'll throw off everything by not matching the groomsman, know here and now that your groomsman don't have to wear the same thing, or match you perfectly, leave that to the bride and bridesmaids.

first, swank. 
this is the group that is comfortable standing out, revels in details, and commands the center of attention with casual ease. if you're feeling a little bolder for the big day, go for a seersucker suit with a cotton gingham pocket square, and a knit tie (above). or, try a brownish linen suit with bright red socks to offset the saddle shoes (below). either way, pay close attention to the following: going bold means that often you will have to spend more effort or money to make sure the fit is precise. if you don't, the look really won't come together, so don't cut corners.

note that if you're wearing saddle shoes and red socks, avoid too many patterns and flashy ties. with a seersucker suit like the one up top, the suit itself is the statement, so mute the tie, and wear a white shirt - not colored or patterned. don't get too many details competing for attention. 

overall, to nail the right look that stands out, stick to just a few statement pieces, keep everything well tailored, and you'll be the bell of the ball. almost.

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