the groom, 4:

fourth, the tux.
a tuxedo is the epitome of classic male formal style - to wear it correctly, ditch the stuffy, boxy types and go for a couple of important updates. here's a few general guide-lines to wearing a tuxedo:

1. do not rent a tux
2. fit and proportions will make or break the look. the tux should fit as well as your slim suits, and the lapels, shirt collar, and tie should all be proportionate. basically, this means that tailoring is non-negotiable, and broad floppy bow ties are out of the question.
3. do not wear neon green/pink/blue/orange vest and tie combos. these just cannot be pulled off. if your bride-to-be has a color palette picked out, just wear black, white, and maybe grays. if colors are essential, use colors from the same color family, like the midnight blue tux at the bottom on ryan gosling in stead of a neon blue vest and tie.
4. do not wear patent leather shoes. even the real ones that run for over a thousand dollars look cheap - the rental shoes at tux shops with rubber bottoms look much worse. brogues don't go well with tuxes either, so opt for simple black leather-bottomed shoes, probably cap toe oxfords, and polish them with a vengeance
5. finally, current men's style isn't quite as dictated; if you don't feel ok with the classic black and white, mix in a few muted colors like the grey bow tie or pocket square below.

white dinner jacket - very james bond. wrong size white jacket with an un-tailored look and slicked back hair - very prom. know the difference. the picture below on the left is from a tux rental catalog and fits the guy poorly. note how much better the tux on the right looks, it fits the guy both in personality and in correct tailoring.

the classic black tux with a black bow tie can look sharp, but most rental tuxes are boxy and baggy. they need to be, because every guy fits different and a rental shop needs to account for all sizes and preferences. don't fall into that trap - there's no reason to rent when the black tux below on the right from topman costs $360. the rental tux on the left doesn't look bad, it just doesn't look near as sharp.

a tux really is iconic men's formal wear. it just needs to be done right, and that takes some finess.

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