utah men's wedding style, a few details:

socks and shoes:
there is no rule i would apply to socks. wear nice dress socks, crazy patterned socks, or go sockless - pretty much anything goes. it's hard to mess up on socks, but note that the general rule is that if you are going to match your socks to anything, match them to your trouser, not your shoes (unless your shoes and suit are black).

below are a few sock options, and some good shoes as well. the important thing to notice about the shoes is that they have a slim sole - not rubber - and the upper is polished and exceptionally clean.

should not be wider than the lapel. it looks a lot better than the massive, curving, blossoming, emasculating, mini bouquets i've seen pinned to some guys. proportions is the underlying reason for this rule.

if there's anything else, i have forgotten. feel free to remind me or ask. cheers.

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