more optional accessories:

some more optional accessories:
the biggest rule with all accessories is to keep them simple, and to keep them classic. to me, great style comes from pieces born out of necessity. braided nylon bracelets, made from heavy duty accessory chord are a great example. i used to always wear one of these hand-made bracelets during the summers when i'd go canyoneering; when i went rappelling, i'd always have an extra couple of feet of tough chord to tie down any gear. the habit stuck, and now i see all kinds of guys sporting the bracelets as a style piece.

just above is a picture of one of my bracelets i made that i'm sporting right now. the bracelet is nothing more than two double-fisherman knots on tough-as-nails 2mm chord you can buy for a few cents at any climbing store.

recently, miansai bracelets have really caught on and they expertly mix a nautical and classic style. very fancy, and perfectly understated, but a little bit pricy for a the actual content. i'm more inclined to just make my own.

tortoise shell glasses mix style with function. the idea here is that if you wear glasses, bold is fine, as long as they're not cheap or fake looking.

pocket squares are tricky, but also a great way to punch up a suit or sports jacket. try out different colors, textures, and fabrics until you get what you're looking for. to get that perfect disheveled look, just stuff the thing into your pocket - no secret folding. otherwise the sharp white mad men style pocket square looks great too - iron the creases. never match your pocket square to your tie or fold it into weird shapes like triangles or such. stick to the stuffed look or slim white line - most everything else looks too prom-like.

next up, necessary accessories.

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