man + jewelry
hasn't ever been an easy combination. mostly because accessories aren't really associated with manliness. some accessories are optional, and others i think every guy should have. here's a list of great optional accessories that maintain manliness. pick and choose which one's match your style best.
vintage watch. maybe you don't have the cash for an old rolex or a 1930's minerva (pictured above), but old watches with a little update mix style with function.

to update your vintage or new watch, go for a nato or crocodile skin watch strap. the nylon nato straps are pretty cheap and sporty, the croc skin straps are classy. both are still very masculine accessories.

next, the weekender bag. these bags aren't essential, but are classic indiana jones-esque pieces for weekend travel. leather is always the standard, but the canvas ones below are a good sturdy alternative that won't cost more than the weekend getaway itself. bags aren't normally manly, but classy leather duffels are by far the better choice over the tourist-standard wheely airport bags. be a man, carry your stuff.

finally for this post, a good knife. every guy likes something he can play with, and most guys have a hard time not playing with a knife. at the same time, sporting your zombie ready oversized buck knife isn't really socially acceptable, and those pocket knives made from deer antlers or 27-function swiss army pieces aren't exactly sartorial either. here's the rules with a pocket knife: simple, functional, pocket-sized (hence, pocket knife), and not made from any animal bones or weird things. the knife is there for opening boxes or cutting twine, not self defense, or long-term survival - just a blade that slips into the pocket like the m1 from combative edge featured below.

more optional manly accessories next

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