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what do i wear to a funeral?

recently, my dear old grandpa of 97 years old passed away, bless his heart. at his funeral, not one of his children or grand children were wearing the typical all-black funeral attire. everybody was dressed in colors and came to celebrate the long and excellent life of my excellent grandfather. funeral attire is sort of difficult, because local customs come heavily into play (for instance, when i lived in mexico, i learned that yellow is the customary color of mourning), since this is a utah men's style blog, we'll take it from that angle. here's a few key pointers:

dress nice. that means a tie, and just as important, a jacket. 
dress clean. no messy looks and rumpled shirts. use an iron. 
dress simple. colors are great, sometimes necessary, but this isn't the place for making statements either. keep your colors and patterns very simple and neat. i would say that a solid grey suit is king; pair it with a crisp white shirt and navy blue tie for a sharp and respectful look. 
un-accessorize. basically all you need is a watch, and if you have one, a wedding band. save your bold socks, pocket squares, and nifty tie bars for the dinner later with the family when everyone's telling about all the crazy things grandpa did - they aren't for funerals.

as my highly sartorially-inclined wife said when i asked her what i should wear for my grandpa's funeral, 'just not black, you don't celebrate someone's life with black.'

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