utah men's wedding style:

here in utah, weddings are basically synonymous with summertime. nearly every weekend there's a backyard with lights, a table of cheeses, and a pair of friends tying the knot somewhere near by. sadly for men's style, weddings here are also synonymous with over-sized tuxedoes and guys that are matched to their sweetheart's bouquet of flowers. in recent years, the truth is that most men have shed their final inches of wedding day territory - the clothes they wear - to the higher powers of color schemes, laziness, or just plain ignorance. time to take back the wedding, gents.

i found a novel quote from put.this.on that sums it up below:
for men who aren’t confident in their style, the question of what to wear on their wedding day can be a source of tremendous discomfort and fear.  so much so that men often abdicate their one tiny bit of wedding day autonomy to their wives-to-be.  I say: stop.  don’t.  your fiancee does not know the answer, though she may think she does.  if she does think she does, your situation is even worse.  dress yourself.  like a man.
enough said. the next few post will be for grooms, groomsmen, and attendees alike.

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