gun in hand:

"i'm feeling like rappelling battle creek or upper falls this week" says my wife. this is my woman, she knows me, encourages me, and joins me in all of my hairiest plans.

my wife, erika


about a month ago, my lovely wife rolled over and read me a line of text; claiming that it explains me exactly. i almost shed a tear:
"poor rip was at last reduced almost to despair; and his only alternative, to escape from the labor of the farm and the clamor of his wife, was to take gun in hand and stroll away into the woods..."
-- washington irvine, rip van winkle
a man needs a woman who knows him, and knows his adventures. a man needs to marry the woman who knows him, and joins him on his adventures. also she should encourage him to grow a beard - this type of woman makes a man more of a man.

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