thor's & che's timepiece:

rolex submariner:
a few weeks ago my wife took me to the new rolex store in salt lake. sadly, it was not to shell out five grand for a fancy bracelet that tells time. but it was nice to feel the heft of my personal all-time favorite watch: the rolex submariner. i think there's value in quality and history. like donning the wrist of thor heyerdal, the norwegian anthropoligist who sailed across the atlantic ocean on a sailboat he made from weeds, or che guevara who overthrew two governments and literally wrote the book on revolution - both done wearing the rolex submariner like a sir.

while at the store, the attendant told me about the submariner, explaining that in his short time working he had already had a farmer and a plumber come in to service their submariners. the farmer's watch had been in the family and on the farm for two generations. the plumber loved his rolex because it was the only watch that remained unaffected by him pouring industrial-grade acid onto the watch. manly quality, good style, and history - basically the perfect combination for anything in men's style.

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