taking back the wedding, the attendee:

cheers to you for not having to be in the bridal party. as an attendee, you actually get to soak in the subtle wedding details, eat the food, truly mingle, and steal a few dances without photographers snapping away and a whole crowd of spectators watching. the ceremony is for the bride and groom, but the reception and luncheons are for the attendees. that being said, showing up in your shabbiest plaid and ruddiest pair of jeans doesn't cut it.

my wife carefully anticipated our wedding and we had an incredible time meeting well wishers and friends without having to stand in a wedding line. i truly felt relaxed and part of every aspect in our wedding - cheers to her for being amazing. this is uncommon, however, and the attendees normally enjoy themselves more than anyone else present. as the attendee, your night should be carefree and pretty enjoyable; since your night is planned for you, dress like you had extra time to think about what pants you'll be wearing that day.

jacket or blazer: dress depends on the wedding, but if it is akin to 95% of weddings here in utah - outdoor reception and no stated dress code - then i would say ditch the jeans, and sport a jacket. a jacket is nice because you can dress up almost anything. to make sure the look isn't sloppy, fit is the key - no boxy jackets with massive lapels, paired to baggy chinos.

suits: suits are always great for weddings. feel free to lose the tie or rock a pair of sneakers - this isn't church, it's a wedding reception. here are a few more casual suit options. if the invite does dictate more of a formal attire, then try here.

shirt and tie: nothing's as simple and easy to pull off as a button-down shirt, chinos, and a tie. for extra swag, try tying your own bow tie. again, don't forget that with pants and shirts, slim fitting is the key - not skinny and restrictive - slim.

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