texture is the perfect way to add variety into what you're wearing. to pull it off, wear what you are used to wearing, like simple shirt and tie combo, but with a little more texture. a lot of good style comes from pieces born out of necessity, like say the linen shirt above which is the perfect breathable fabric for summertime, but the fabric also has a unique texture that adds depth and interest to what you're wearing without looking like you're trying too hard or peacocking.

the basic idea then is not just to wear something with texture because it looks different, but to find your texture in something with a little bit of history. a good example is a denim work shirt, corduroy, or the tartan tie below. all have a rich texture that attract your attention, but also were once useful. which is cool.

one of the best ways to inject a bit of texture and depth is with a good tie so here's a few good suggestions. the one above is a rough shantung silk tie from drakes, and below is a woven silk tie from etro.

tartan (plaid) was originally a fabric used by scotish clans to identify themselves, each clan using a unique plaid design. after it was banished in the 1700's by the england in an attempt to control the warrior scots, it became a sign of rebellion. above is a thick woolen tartan plaid tie from alexander olch - it's my favorite tie i've ever seen.

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