man cave:

a good relationship with solitude marks a well-rounded man. to me, few things match the weight of a backpack on my shoulders as i trundle along a lonely trail. or the feel of a worn-out solid mahogany guitar neck, late in the afternoon when i'm home early and given a few hours to clean out the corners of my mind. the group of fine gentlemen that came up with the idea for cabanas understand the principles of a man's required solitude perfectly.

personally, my ideal man cave is a lean-to built from old bricks and solid oak planks; filled with leather armchairs, plaid, nautical books, and a wood burning stove. until i can reach that level of craftsmanship this is where i have my sights set. the cabana is basically a small lockable shed, but most importantly, it's separate from the house. set a latter against the side and the roof is solid enough to put a small coal grill, a chair, and a telescope - perfect for sorting out life.

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