wilderness is a necessity:

i'm moving to honolulu. 
a few years ago, after moving back to utah from living in southern mexico for two years, i came to a devine moment of enlightenment - with the first crisp fall wind heavy on my brow, i hunched my shoulders to the oncoming icy season and realized 'there are places with no winters.' i had never not had winters growing up in utah, but in mexico, the coldest night i had experienced in two years was just below 65 degrees. when the chance came to earn a living in hawaii, i unreservedly shed the four seasons in favor of two.


even though i don't like the winter and look giddily forward to settling down to my warm sea-side beach bungalow, i have one reservation: there will always be a small slice of myself churning deep down within the nucleus of a man - drawing up the blue prints for a small mountain cabin built upon a rock, in the middle of a river. a part of me will always be plotting an escape route that looks very similar to the picture above, but without houses or people nearby and accessible only by a hand-crafted teak canoe. i believe i will always miss the mountains, lakes, evergreens, and the wilderness in the rockies.

“thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity...
--john muir 

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