the skill of layering:

i found this killer park & bond article about how to layer (not generally a manly subject), so here's the basics of how a manly man should comfortably accomplish layering. of the examples they showed, i threw in the three that i felt looked stylish while still securing and defending the highest standards of manliness. they explain:

it’s not science, but there is an art to creating a look that’s both fashionable and can flex with the weather:
1. you’re creating a look that’s designed to adjust with the conditions, so make sure that each piece can stand on its own.
2. that said, with a great layered look the sum is greater than the parts. so when it comes to color, it's best to go for shades that complement, rather than contrast.
3. if you are inclined to throw in a contrasting color, however, make it's the first or third of your three pieces, not the middle one.
4. the key to the monochrome look: differentiate with thickness and texture.
5. finally, we’re talking spring/summer here, so keep the fabrics light.

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