father's day:

how to give a gift to a man:
ladies, here's how to buy the perfect gift for a man - buy him something that he already has, but something nicer that he hasn't splurged on for himself already. the best place to look for a gift for a man is in his closet, because men don't like to be made over or given something totally new, just updated or classed up a bit. if you're still at a loss, here's a list of unique things he may not have that any guy similar to me would deeply appreciate on father's day:

yep. a big slab of a european white birch log. but here's the trick, it's designed to be a highly portable bonfire that lights with literally one match. the log is kiln dried, very easy to carry, and burns for up to 2 hours on its own. great for beaches, camping trips, or when a father just needs to go out back and mull over life decisions.

guys need bags to put there stuff in too, but the predicament is how to successfully carry a bag and still carry your masculinity as well. the best way to stay away from murse (man purse) territory is to think along the lines of an indiana jones satchel used to carry out that golden idol and outrun the massive boulder. tough leather or canvas bags are timeless, sturdy, and carry a hint of the same manly indiana jones swag that men appreciate.

here's the idea with men and bags
can't ever have too many ties, but to class things up avoid fat and skimpy silk ties with novelty phrases like "super dad" all over them. they're fun for a minute, but remember that dad needs to go back to work when the weekend is over, and a slick good-looking tie always helps with tackling mondays.

all of these ties are available here  at park & bond

i couldn't resist this one. it's only $35 dollars from weber grills, and almost nothing tops the flavor of charcoal or the feeling of cooking your food over red coals. that's the place where a man develops his own special method for spicing and cooking his meat - that's sacred territory.

swedish teepee camping trip:
if you've got several thousand dollars in loose change, consider camping in scandinavia. this adventurous get-away from dalsland is located in the western end of sweden among the vast archipelagos and deep viking-esque mountains. the activities offered are very manly - you sleep in a swedish teepee, fish in a river off a canoe, eat some down right amazing swedish food, and to top it off you pan for gold in the nearby river. not bad eh?

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