spruce the suit:

a suit is probably one of the more versatile elements in a man's wardrobe - it can be dressed up or down, and if the jacket is cut right then it can double as a blazer or sports coat. i picked three things that i've seen some guys pulling off to reinvigorate their suits during the summer months.

1. sockless, loafer, and the pant roll.
sockless is huge; if your shoes are high quality and you feet are clean, there won't be any smell and you won't ruin your shoes. sockless works best with a nice dress shoe like a loafer or a slim leather bottomed lace-up. i don't always like to roll my pants, but on a cotton or linen suit, it seems to look pretty nice.
note: to pull off sockless style or the pant roll, the suit pant must be heavily tapered like the image below - extra fabric will kill the look.

2. swap dress shirt out for slim, updated polo.
travel and leisure magazine just slammed utah for its obsessive use of polos and ranked salt lake city as the second worst dressed city in the united states. to successfully wear a polo, think less of abercrombie & fitch, and more of this picture below. a good polo needs to be trim, very-well fitted, and almost retro-looking without big letters or logos. then throw a suit jacket over it.

3. add color.
one of my darker suits is a very light-weight wool that's perfect for warm weather, but sometimes wearing a black suit with a dark tie just looks like you're cooking yourself in the summertime no matter how breathable the fabric may be. if you have a darker suit that fits too perfectly to only wear when its colder, then just add a little color with the accessories to keep it looking current.

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