i'm hesitant to describe this particular demographic because after living in france for a few months, i tend to not see the french the same way as i did when i first arrived. nonetheless, i've found at least a few articles that in my mind tend to resemble the effortlessly expert french style. to quote an editor at park & bond, mr. thoreson:

jeffrey eugenides has some insightful things to say about paris in his novel the marriage plot, including: “paris was a museum displaying exactly itself” and “it took courage to let things fall apart so beautifully.” in other words, paris is paris, so dress accordingly. this is the world capital of beautiful decay, so it wouldn’t hurt if at least a few pieces of your wardrobe exhibited a certain broken-in elegance.
the parisians are unique because they take classic pieces and wear them to rags yet still look defiantly classic. if they were to purchase something new, it would already be vintage or a reissue of a classic, like some of the pieces below: ray-ban meteors, a ridiculously expensive jaeger-le coultre watch, the classic navy blue blazer, and maybe some bright red riviera slip-ons just to maintain the right level of character.

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