quick vote:

i have been on hiatus, and was considering a permanent shut down of laineux || barbouze. out of interest, i logged on and found that the blog was receiving significantly more traffic than ever which was very surprising seeing as how i haven't written anything in months. so, i've decided to put laineux || barbouze up for a vote:

if you find this blog of any interest and wish it to continue, please leave a comment below stating so.




  1. don't stop scotty. please don't stop. keep writing & I'll continue to send people your way! this has to be around so I can show my next boyfriend that this is how an acceptable man dresses... and if he disagrees, ITS TO THE CURB WITH HIM! :P

    loves from the mainland. give your wife a hug for me.

  2. p.s. if I had a request... it would be that you change it out of this flash animation horribleness... and to a normal template.

  3. Yes, please keep your blog up and running.

  4. please keep writing

  5. By far, my favorite fashion blog. Basically, every post is bullseye. Easy, quick reads, and real advice that I can use immediately. Keep up the amazing work.