the bearded man:

"without a man, there can be no beard. without a beard, there can be no man."
recently, the pendulum swung back over to favor facial hair, and men with beards have made an impressive come-back. not only has the beard regained its popularity, but even the grisled lumber-beard can be found at the head of a board room, or on the cover of a gq magazine.

i'm not sure how beard regained a footing in mainstream style. maybe it was because old innovative steve jobs was always up on that stage, steering the helm of his juggernaut company, waving around the new iphone, and doing it all with some sort of mangy beard or scruff. maybe it was because enough men just got lazy enough to stop fighting the fact that a beard must be fought everyday; a beard never gives up trying to be a beard and by 6 o'clock most guys are already losing the battle again. or maybe men are just glancing back, and longing for the days of civil war generals, mountain men, and salted sea dwellers.

to me it doesn't matter, but i am definitely a pretty big beard fan. just wear the beard correctly - respectfully if you will - and no hunger games weird hair sculpting nonsense. the rules are pretty simple: keep the neck cleaned up, and don't shave anything else. then wait. to make the journey a bit less abrasive and avoid the scratchy phase, try out a beard oil like this.

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